In Instantyt mp3 we have huge concern towards our privacy policy. We don't violate our privacy policy at any cause. The privacy of our customer is more important for us.

By Visiting or using our service you are accepting our privacy policy.

Why do we store your information?

We collect information for the following reasons:

1. we collect information that helps us to enhance the standard of service that we provide.

2. we only collect information that allows us to know you.

3. we maintain complete transparency in our privacy policy.

What we have enclosed in our privacy policy?

Our privacy policy completely opens up " |How we process your information that you have provided to use our service. This policy does not apply to entities that are not owned or related to us.

We have been following a strong age restriction during our registration. We dont save and process information of children below 18. When we know that we are processing information of an under aged child without parents concern then we would delete it permanently.

What information do instantytmp3 collect?

we collect data to know:

• How are users use the service?

• complete data on user engagement with content?

We only use this information to improvise the strata of service that we provide. We do share the information to our partners with the sole purpose of enriching our service.

At what times we process your information?

• whenever you start interacting with our service we start recording it in our server log from your browser. We store your ip address and cookies. We use cookies only to identify your device.

• Google analytics is a tool that we use to generate metrics of our site. Google records the cookies in their servers to derive a statistical data of the website. This statistical data is used by the website owner to improvise their site.

we record informations like

Whenever you interact with instantytmp3 site w automatically receive and record information like:

Server usage: this includes the version of our software that you use.

Data on our service quality: This records information like site crashes. This allows us to become more stable.

Data on user download: This records the data of video that user has downloaded.

Complete content statistics: we record the user interaction and engagement with each and every piece of content on our site.

Type of hardware and software application: It records information regarding your system specification.

The data that we collect is sent to our company server and saved in our systems for analysis.

• Your friends' phone numbers

• your text messages, either sent or received

• Your music, photos, or videos

• The content you download via Company

we have mentioned the possible disclosure that we may perform. This policy is not a promising example; in some instances the third party may drag out the data unethically. And we are not responsible for that.

We generally keep back the information as long as it is useful. If you are banned by us for some unethical actions then we would delete your data.

Do the information be disclosed to third parties:

We only disclose information to third parties who could help us to improve the service. And we comply by law, and we sometimes make lawful disclosures.

Regarding security:

We put our best on the line to protect your information. But we couldn't guarantee the security of your information.

Changes in privacy policy

We may change the privacy policy when external factors force us to do so. So please do read our privacy policy before enjoying our service.

How to modify my information?

We have given full freedom to alter your personal information and you could change it whenever you like.

Further queries

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